First community event of the Anti-FinTer ISFP project

Happy for participating this week in the first major community event of the Anti-FinTer ISFP project, held at the premises of IEF. Instituto de Estudios Fiscales in Madrid, Spain. Among other activities, the project event focused on: a) Delivering training courses (through the project’s first “Knowledge Hub Meeting”) regarding crypto-assets and dark web analytics fundamentals, […]

“Anti-FinTer” proposal has been accepted

Happy to share that our proposal “Anti-FinTer” (Versatile artificial intelligence investigative technologies for revealing online cross-border financing activities of terrorism) has been accepted to be granted by the EC Internal Security Fund – Police (ISFP). Looking forward to the implementation phase! Project partners: AIT, FORTH, VICOMTECH, IANUS, CFLW, UL, FNTT, AGENCIATRIBUTARIA, PJ, GDBOP, MOF